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7 day free trial. Works on macOS 12.0 Monterey or newer
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Sidebar feels intuitive to use
The usability of the standard MacOS Dock can sometimes feel a bit off. Especially if you are used to other systems like Windows or Linux. Also when it comes to multi-tasking MacOS is somehow worse than other platforms. Sidebar tries to tackle this issue and provides you with useful features that will bring your MacOS experience to the next level. Sidebar replaces the Dock, improves usability, enhances your multi-tasking experience and adds a ton of features. Give it a try, you won’t want to miss it!
Supports multiple screens
MacOS screen MacOS screen MacOS screen
You can add your Sidebar to either one, some or all of your screens
Did it ever annoy you that the macOS Dock only appears on one screen? You are not alone!
Sidebar got you covered. It’s your choice to either show Sidebar on only your primary screen, on some (yeah, you can actually choose which ones) or all of your screens
Reserves screen space
The macOS Dock doesn’t prevent windows from overlapping. Sidebar does, if you want to
If you enable this feature it will prevent application windows from overlapping with your Sidebars. Don’t worry, it will make the best out of your screen space and not just shrink your windows. Sidebar will make you feel like using taskbars of other operating systems like Windows or Linux that you might be better used to
Customizable style
Customize the look of your Sidebars to match your style Don’t like the standard stlye? No worries, you can change almost every aspect of your Sidebar design. Change the color, logo, spacing, width, height, ... to match your style
Preview windows Just hover over an application and you will get a preview of all its windows
If you are running macOS Ventura you will even get a live video stream instead of a preview image. Cool, right?
Also, have you ever tried to easily switch windows of the same application? There’s a shortcut
CMD key icon + Quote key icon
I bet you had to look that up now. It’s just correct for the US keyboard anyway. Good news, you can just click on Sidebars preview windows to never lift your finger from your mouse again - at least not to switch a window Just need to have a short look at one specific window? No worries, just hover your mouse over the preview window and get a full-size preview
Save, restore or lock window positions manually or automatically on system events
Managing window positions can be frustrating. Especially when switching working environments (e.g. from home to work) with different display setups. Usually all your application windows will end up distributed randomly on your Mac, which honestly is really annoying WindowSnap will help your to tackle the frustrating window management! This feature allows you to store window positions of either all or a single application. You can later on restore those positions either manually (e.g. by pressing a shortcut), or automatically (e.g. if you plug in your external monitor). WindowSnap remembers window positions based on your current display and screen setup and is able to store and restore multiple window configurations for you WindowSnap will be enhanced in the future with a lot of convenient features
Unlimited sign
One app One version Constant updates
Sidebar will constantly be updated There will be no version 2, 3, ...
Unlike other apps we will never release a new version of Sidebar to charge you for the upgrade. All updates are included, always!
When it comes to payment Sidebars adjusts to your needs as well. It’s your choice if you prefer a subscription model, or a one-time purchase. Both models will always get all future Sidebar core updates!
Make sure to check out the FAQ for more infos
Privacy first
Privacy first
Sidebar respects your privacy Your data will never leave your device
Did you ever have a look at privacy statements of typical apps nowadays? You will be suprised that most apps collect a lot of data (usage data, user behavior data, ...). Sidebar will never collect, transmit or share usage data with anyone. The only data that will be transferred to or from your device are license related data (you can find more details in the FAQ) if you decide to support us by buying it! Have a look at our privacy statement for further details
Other features
Other features
Sidebar offers a lot of settings to customize the behavior and design according to your needs in a modern design. All settings are described in-line to make things easy and understandable

You just need to find out what date the next Monday is? Wouldn’t it convenient if you could just click on the date in your macOS menu bar and see a calendar instead of opening the Notification Center? Admit it, we have all been there. That’s why you just need to hover over the date or time on any of your Sidebars to open a covenient calendar

Are you used to having a start menu / main menu / app launcher / ...? Click on the Sidebar logo to open a list of all launchable applications, along with some convenient short actions like:
  • Quickly access your profile settings (iCloud)
  • Open System Settings
  • Power options (reboot, shut down, sleep, logout, ...)
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